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"…throw roses into the abyss and say: ‘here is my thanks to the monster who didn’t succeed in swallowing me alive.’"
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"How you vibrate is what the universe echoes back to you."
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Anonymous asked: I'm assuming that with Blake's work and everything, he must have to travel a lot/you guys may have to spend a lot of time apart. My boyfriend is in a band that just started taking off and is about to start going on tour pretty soon. How do you cope in your relationship with a lot of time apart? Does it ever put a strain on anything or am I just being pessimistic about it?



Blake and I rarely separate, by choice. It’s because he isnt just my dude he’s my best friend.. and things are cool.. but are never as cool if we did them together.  It’s really probably sickening to any anti-love humans out there but this is just how we exist and it works for us because we’re weird or whatever who cares. And before asks come flooding in I want to say Overall, I think guys trips are important in relationships and I will celebrate anytime my dude leaves town to go run around in the woods or whatever the hell he feels like doing and vice versa.

Back to what you were saying, yes it does put a strain on things. I know this because in previous relationships I was the one who was gone a l l the time for work and so I know with first hand honesty the kind of dark evil shit that can creep in from the opposite point of view. Your bond together has to be top notch if touring if going to be a common place because when you travel enough your commitments get lost in the mix. It’s not intentional but you kind of lose the value in what is constant because everything around you is constantly changing. I would never recommend a young relationship (as in time together and/or age of the couple) attempt to struggle through something like that but that may be my pessimistic hindsight speaking up too. The only thing I can recommend is setting up some basic rules about what makes you comfortable and what makes him comfortable. Open communication. Remind him that you are going to be home, a lot, and so conversations might need to happen more frequently than normal.. and that is ok.

After that all I can tell you is to hold tight, don’t look at his twitter feed and try to schedule a bunch of really awesome girls trips while he’s gone. The second you get bored and start looking for things to be mad and jealous about you will find them.

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